to On the Glow where we provide custom, organic airbrushed tans that mimic a true beach tan without compromising the health of your skin.


About Me

I have always had super, white skin--not the pretty milky colored skin--but the so white, see your purply veins colored skin.  As a young twenty-something I spent countless hours in tanning beds, until the harmful rays of the tanning beds started bursting small, ugly capillaries on my face. This was the end of tanning beds  and the sun for me. 


Years later, when I became a mother to 3 boys, I became health conscious and thought more about what I put in and on my body.  Upon researching,  I discovered the organic sunless tanning line--Aviva--and had myself airbrushed often to give myself that healthy, natural glow.  I love it so much that I became a Certified Airbrush Expert with Aviva to give others that flawless, sun-kissed skin look.

I have a passion for helping people, especially women, look and feel their best. I believe that when you feel good about how you look, anything is possible.  



Prior to any Airbrush Tan Service you receive with On the Glow, you will receive a one-on-one private consultation, to go over your skin-type and discuss  your tan expectations.  Based on our analysis, your Airbrush Tan will be completely customized to achieve your desired-look. 

Original Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tan  $40

The Original Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tan is silky smooth on the skin, the way a spray tan was meant to feel, and so natural-looking you'll swear you just got back from a day in the sun. This option requires waiting 7-10 hours before showering, sweating, applying make-up, or coming into contact with any water.   Color fully develops within 7-10 hours.


Original Partial-Body Organic Airbrush Tan   $25

(Includes upper body/ face or lower body)


Original Just Your Face Organic Airbrush Tan  $10

(Includes face + neck) 

Full-Body RAPID Organic Airbrush Tan $55

This option is one of my favorites because it only requires waiting 30 minutes to 3 hours hours before showering, sweating, applying make-up, or coming into contact with any water. The actual tan will still take about 7-10 hours to develop but with the RAPID solution you can rinse off quickly and your tan will be unharmed by rain, swimming, and exercise! 


Partial RAPID Organic Airbrush Tan $40

(Includes upper body/ face or lower Body)


Just Your Face Organic Airbrush Tan $25

(Includes face + neck) 

Package Pricing

The Original 

3-Session Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tans...............$100

Save $10 per tan  

6-Session Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tans...............$175

Save more than $10 per tan

The Rapid Tan 

3-Session Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tans...............$135 

Save $10 per tan  

6-Session Full-Body Organic Airbrush Tans...............$255

Save more than $10 per tan

Mobile Airbrush Tan*

Full Body Original Organic Airbrush Tan                                    $50

2+ people                                                                                  $40 each

RAPID Solution                                                                     +$10 each

*Within a 10 mile radius of 02050; additional traveling fee will apply if I need to travel outside that radius. Contact me for more details. 


Tanning Party 


Host a tanning party in the comfort of your own home or at a remote location for you and your friends! 

With 5+ guest you can tan for FREE!


Contact me directly for more details!


Frequently Asked Questions


The most crucial step before your spray tan session is to thoroughly EXFOLIATE with an oil-free product!  By exfoliating, you are turning your skin into a clean slate for your spray tan technician. Remove all makeup, deodorant and lotions. Waxing, shaving, manicures and pedicures all MUST be done the day before your appointment.


 Dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops.  Do not wear tight or strappy clothing, leggings or tight socks immediately following your session. 



Plan to stay dry for a minimum of 8 hours.  It is imperative to stay dry the entire development time for full results.  For quicker development, we recommend a RAPID tan.  

Depending on your post-care regimen, your airbrush tan will last anywhere between 7-10 days. Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your tan; Your first shower after your session should be more of a quick "rinse." Stay away from loofahs and harsh soaps. Avoid shaving or exfoliating that first shower as well. When you are drying off "pat" yourself dry instead of rubbing. We also offer exclusive moisturizing lotions to keep your skin looking great and to help extend your tan even longer!  


I always recommend getting an airbrush tan a few weeks before your event as a "trial run" is a great idea. Just so you can see the results and are happy with the look for your event. When you book your appointment for the actual event, I would recommend one to two days before.


You DO NOT want to use baby oil, products containing mineral oil, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Alcohol, or acne washes. These will all fade your airbrush tan faster. Also, PH balanced body washes are best for airbrush tans

Also, when choosing a daily moisturizer to use after your airbrush tan, make sure there is NO mineral oil or alcohol in the ingredient list!

Your spray tan will not protect you from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you plan on spending time outdoors, apply sunscreen to protect your skin! 


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